Marketing Audits & Analyses

Online marketing & website consulting for artists & artpreneurs

Marketing Audits & Analyses for Artists

The way to the online stage

Are you already active as an artist, but hardly regenerate requests & income with your art to live?

Are you overwhelmed with all your marketing activities and do not know what to do?

Then it is NOW very urgent time to act!

Artists often encounter very special challenges on their way into the spotlight. But how do you find exactly the right path? What should you think about and what exactly should you consider avoiding detours?

Favori Media supports artists & cultural institutions on their way into visibility, to increase their level of awareness, their bookings & sales. Together we will find the right tone and light for your online presentations, giving everyone their own individual online marketing solutions.

With the Favori Online Marketing Audits & Analyses for artists, artpreneurs & cultural businesses, we turn the spotlight on the marketing questions from the art and find together the right solutions.

The Website Analysis

The Favori Online – Stage Check

With the professional, fast and neutral expert check for your entire online presence, you get a complete overview of the things that work smoothly on your online stage, those that should be optimized as soon as possible and those that should be changed urgently.

The artist marketing expert’s view of your art website

✅ Analysis of the online presence (website) by experienced online experts

✅ Professional tools for evaluation and analysis

✅ SEO keyword check technique check incl. responsive behavior and metadata

✅ 60 min coaching call, evaluation via Zoom

✅ Concrete suggestions & tips for optimization

* Basic check for websites with up to ten subpages

The Online Marketing Analysis

The online marketing path under the magnifying glass

Are you already on the online stage with your art but want to attract more prospects and audience? Do you want to change or grow your art business, but don’t really know where exactly to start?

You need a neutral view from the outside and external feedback on your current overall online marketing presence?

The artist marketing expert’s view of your art website

✅ Analysis of the web presence (website + social media) by experienced online experts

✅ Professional tools for evaluation and analysis

✅ Technology check incl. responsive behavior and metadata

✅ 90-min coaching call, evaluation via Zoom

✅ Action plan for optimization

Test your presence, your visibility & your visits

Favori Media - Online Stage Check

The evaluations are most suitable for:

  • Solo Artists
  • You are already an independent artist, or you plan to be in the near future.
  • Ensembles & Groups
  • Artist groups & ensembles that already present their art & art offerings online or plan to do so soon.
  • Art schools & art academies
  • Art academies & art schools from the art fields of acting, dance, music, singing, acrobatics, painting & literature.
  • Event venues, theaters, opera, concert halls
  • Event rooms, event halls, theaters, literary, dance & concert halls.

Why should you work with Favori Media?




Hands-On Mentality

With perfect choreography & direction to more recognition, applause and success!

The Favori direction includes the right mindset, strategy, planning, perfect positioning, communication, tools & methods.

  • Together we will write your favorite directing script.
  • Scenarios & step combinations we work out together. This way you can recognize approaches and adopt and implement them for yourself.
  • You will receive practical stage directions, combined with simple, comprehensible and sensible choreographies of the approaches.
  • We evaluate all results personally with you. You will receive further concrete recommendations for implementation.
Franziska Sevik - owner of the media agency Favori Media

Christiane Egger, Coach für Authenzität & Achtsamkeit

“A great support”

Favori Media not only optimized my website in a very short time, but Franziska shared her great expert knowledge with me at the same time. She is very focused, efficient and clear. This has helped me immensely. Thank you very much for the great support.

Christiane Egger

Coach for authenticity & mindfulness

This is how we come together

1. Contact

Arrange a free consultation right away, preferably by clicking on the button below. Leave your contact information and give me a short overview about you and your request in writing.

2. Consultation

In a free consultation, we will find out together if and how I can best support you to achieve your goals.

3. Zusammenarbeit

Whichever collaboration we ultimately decide on, experience individual consultation, comprehensive design & support & guidance for as long as you want it.

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