Ali Görmez

Pop Art Artist, Painter, Art Therapist, Coach for children & adults

Pop Art Artist Ali Görmez

Ali Görmez – Image © Ali Görmez

Category: visual arts, exhibitions, coaching, lectures


German, English, Turkish

Favori Media

Favori Media

Ali Görmez is considered an insider tip in the pop art of the new era. His artworks, immortalized with oil or acrylic on canvas, can also be admired internationally as collages and multimedia compositions.

Since childhood, the artist has been interested in art, colors and shapes and began drawing cartoons as a young boy. Inspired by the works of Keith Haring, James Rizzi and Picasso, his work is now internationally known as Pop Art.

In addition to painting & exhibiting his paintings, the artist offers creative workshops for children & adults and entrepreneurs. With this offer he invites all participants to meet each other with mindfulness, curiosity and interest in order to find possibilities of common ground.

Ali Görmez has created several art figures, which are gaining increasing recognition worldwide. With the proceeds from sales of his works, the artist supports charity projects for children worldwide.

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