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Content Production for Artists & Cultural Institutions

If you want to be permanently visible in the world of art & culture, you need target-oriented content.

But what is content? And how do you create it?

What all is involved, and above all, what exactly does the art & culture audience expect?

Content is King”! – also in the world of art & culture!

For many artists, the word marketing is still a red rag. For the word is quickly equated in thought with sale, a thought that many artists like to reject. Actually they do not want to sell in the first place, but to point out the talent as an artist, the art direction, an important message or the art experience of the significant creative process. But unfortunately, pure art is no longer enough for this today!

Neither reporting, art mediation, art production, nor art sales are possible today without the visibility of the protagonists and their work.

Favori Media supports artists & cultural businesses on your path to visibility, increasing their recognition & sales by giving everyone individual content production solutions. With a content strategy customized for you, we’re shining the spotlight on you NOW and positioning you as an arts & culture favorite!

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Hands-On Mentality

Content As a Success Multiplier

What is content?

Translating content from English, we equate it with the German word Inhalt. And that hits the exact point right away. Because goal-oriented content management refers to the presentation and playout of the visible content about the person, the employed art direction and the creative process. Content can be presented in various forms and formats. This includes different copy, image, audio and movie formats.

What does content production involve?

A content production consists of different phases. It usually starts with finding an idea, researching it and working out the desired content formats accordingly. These are usually copywriting, images and moving image formats. After that, the publication takes place in a content management system or on a platform. Whether the content has actually brought the desired success can then be seen by evaluating the management systems and the content goals set in advance.

Favori Media Content Productions at a Glance

Favori Media - text content production for artists


Coherent communication is necessary to carry a message, a talent or the associated creative process out into the world. Favori Media produces high-quality content and offers support from the writing concept to editing & copy editing.


Favori Media - Online Marketing for Artists, Video & Film Production

Film & Video Production

Film & video productions give your art the right life. Statements and messages remain in the viewer’s memory for a long time. Favori Media accompanies by expertise and know-how through the entire film & video production process and produces high-quality moving images.

Favori Media - Online Marketing for Artists, Photography & Image Production

Photography & Images

Pictures say more than a thousand words. That’s why creative image production is part of every good content. Favori Media produces image & photo content for individual art & culture projects.

Why work with Favori Media?

Favori Media was founded by Franziska Sevik. She and her marketing ensemble, all come from different facets of the arts and know very well what elements are important to an artist’s success.

Who is Franziska Sevik

  • Business Mentor for Artists & Artpreneurs, Marketing Expert
  • Keynote Speaker & Lecturer
  • Artist, actor, choreographer, producer, (over 20 years, international activities in EU, America, Asia)
  • Artist Manager for Solo Artists & Cultural Companies (EU, America, Asia)

Personal qualities

  • high empathy regarding requirements & objectives of artists & cultural enterprises
  • Can’t – doesn’t exist – Hands-on mentality
  • Competent international partner network Art & Culture
  • individual & customized marketing concepts
  • clear, modular project processes
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This is how we come to work together

1. Contact

Schedule a free consultation, preferably by clicking the button right here below. Leave your contact information and give me a short overview about you and your request in writing.

2. Consultation

In the free consultation, we will find out together if and how I can best support you to achieve your goals.

3. Cooperation

Whichever collaboration we ultimately choose, experience individual consulting, comprehensive design & long-term support & guidance.

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