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Digital Media Agency for Artists & Cultural Businesses

Our support makes all the difference. Join us in creating a remarkable presence for art & culture.

Online-Marketing for Artists

Art & Culture becomes visible

With us, artists & culture professionals find their suitable target groups, expand their visibility and continuously increase their income.

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The Favori Media Design team has years of experience in all core areas of media design to present you and your art exactly as you need it to.

Online Marketing Analysen für Künstler


Favori Media offers customized solutions for the visibility & sales of your art. Only individual marketing & business strategies are developed.

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The Favori Media team works fast, focused and effective on all marketing levels, so that all artists & cultural enterprises can always present their projects successfully in a timely manner

What Hermann Scherer says

Hermann Scherer, top speaker, bestselling author & entrepreneur

Favori Media

Digital Media Agency For Artists

The digital media agency Favori Media supports artists, trainers, ensembles, art productions, art schools and art associations on the way to visibility, to increase the level of awareness & sales by giving everyone their own individual online marketing solutions.

The agency was founded by Franziska Sevik after more than 20 years of experience as an artist, producer, cultural manager, business mentor & marketing expert to support artists & artpreneurs to present themselves successfully and independently to their art audience.

The Mission

“Art & Culture becomes and remains visible!”

With our mission, we empower artists & cultural businesses to realize the full potential of the internet by providing effective and customized media production, design and marketing solutions.

The Vision

As a leading digital media production & online marketing agency, our vision is to help as many artists and cultural businesses as possible to improve their arts visibility, productivity and business strength.

Franziska Sevik - Inhaberin der Medien-Agentur Favori Media
Franziska Sevik

You’ve come to the right place if…

Your Art & Your Art Business:

  • is not seen.
  • is not understood.
  • is not recognized.
  • little financial gain.
  • causes more costs than profit (money, joy, power, pride, confidence).
  • receives little to no new inquiries, orders & bookings .
  • does not undergo continuous development.

Your Art:

  • want to be perceived.
  • want to be understood.
  • want to enjoy recognition.
  • want to experience financial gain.
  • want to experience daily joy, enthusiasm, power & self-confidence.
  • daily requests, new interesting collaborations, bookings & orders would like to receive.
  • want to develop and grow every day.

Favori Media Offers You:

  • Art website & art web store productions.
  • Production of individual content productions (text, image & sound)
  • Implementations of SEO & SEA campaigns
  • Creation of marketing automations
  • Process support & project management for concept developments, castings, contract negotiations, PR campaigns, stage programs, readings, releases, video productions & audio productions.
  • Exclusive artist management

What Artists Say About Our Collaboration

Ali Görmez Pop Art Artist
Ali Görmez Pop Art Artist

Ali Görmez, Pop Art Artist

“Searched, met, understood!

I am very grateful to have met Favori Media and Franziska Sevik. The cooperation surpasses everything, that imagination!

Safely accompanied to feel understood and be able to continue to focus on creativity as an artist, while everything else (important) of the range, is realized by Franziska & Favori Media in the core. Great!”

Matej Dzido, Pianist & Composer

“A great collaboration!

Favori Media and Franziska’s professional and loving care throughout the optimization process of my artist site. www.matejdzido.com.

I may recommend Franziska & her team with full conviction. Great! Keep it up!!!”

Matej Dzido, Pianist,Composer & Piano Coach
Matej Dzido, Pianist,Composer & Piano Coach

Spot On! – “Art is our life”

Art & Culture becomes visible!

Favori Media - Online-Marketing Agentur, Spot an! – Kunst & Kultur bekommt Gesichter
Spot on! – Art & Culture gets visible

Your art will bring new color into our lives and may enrich, delight, inspire, excite and stimulate us all. Your art may create new space for identity, variety and a lot of new things.

But art & culture have to get seen and perceived!

For real success, enthusiasm and passion are not the only aspects that play an important role. Ignoring the marketing aspect of all will end up costing you readers, listeners and viewers!

Let’s correct your and projects image and visibility and conjure up an impressive figure to your online presence.


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