Online Marketing for Acting Schools

Give your acting training a face!

Online Marketing for Acting Schools

You run an acting school, but there are days when those interested in training are kept waiting?

You are running an acting school, and you are wondering how to raise your profile even more?

Are you thinking about how to finally put your acting school on independent, secure foundations?

Then it is NOW very urgent time to act!

Online marketing for drama schools

Online marketing for drama schools

Your acting training

Become visible online now, increase awareness & sales!

No acting talent can be nurtured unless classes are taught according to the latest knowledge, led by the best acting educators, and produce consistently good turnovers. Without visibility of the art institution and its work, steady growth is impossible.

Favori Media helps acting schools increase their visibility, awareness & revenue by providing each arts organization with their own unique online marketing solutions. Together we conjure light & shape in online presence and position you and your acting school absolute art & culture Favori!

With perfect direction to more recognition, applause and success!

The Favori direction includes the right mindset, strategy, planning, positioning, communication, tools & methods.

  • Together we’ll write your Favori directing script.
  • Marketing scenarios & step combinations we work out together. This will help you to better recognize approaches and to adopt and implement them for yourself and your acting school.
  • You’ll get actionable marketing direction combined with simple, understandable and sensible marketing choreography of approaches.
  • We evaluate all results in our consultations with you. In the process, you will receive further concrete recommendations for implementation.
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Favori – Offers for Acting Schools



Web & online marketing service services for acting schools who want to see their art grow, finally be presented independently and put on solid, digital feet.

Save on self-experimentation, time and money, while at the same time the applause of your audience gets louder and louder.

Coaching & Mentoring


Marketing coaching & mentoring programs for acting schools who want to take their art to the next level, achieve even greater reach, and generate steadily growing income.

Learn how to use your art to build a successful business and achieve long-term revenue growth, regardless of external influences.

Why should you work with Favori Media?


Each of us in the Favori Media team is an artist himself, who has been practicing his art professionally on international stages for many years. We know the requirements & expectations of artists, agencies, productions and art audiences.


Each of us in the Favori Media team has gone through the hard school of online marketing. We love & live it. We are aware of the respective pitfalls in marketing, so we always look for & find the right solutions for our creative cooperation partners.


We have extensive know-how in the core areas of art, production and digital marketing, which are constantly optimized through advanced training & education. In doing so, we draw on expertise from our own international network of collaborations.




Hands-On Mentality

This is how we come together

1. Contact

Arrange a free consultation right away, preferably by clicking on the button below. Leave your contact information and give me a short overview about you and your request in writing.

2. Consultation

In a free consultation, we will find out together if and how I can best support you to achieve your goals.

3. Cooperation

Whichever collaboration we ultimately choose, experience personalized advice, comprehensive design & support & guidance for as long as you want it.

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