The step into the spotlight


As artist you are looking for professional guidance for you & your art on the way to visibility?

You are already working as an artist, but don’t regenerate requests & income with your art?

Are you overwhelmed with all your online marketing activities and don’t know what to do?

Then it is NOW time to act!

Marketing your art online

Artists often encounter very special challenges on their way into the spotlight. Simply being good is not enough, because art is a very elastic term. What appeals to one person is irrelevant to another. Each form of creativity is unique and represents the artist’s expression. Whether a form of art gets recognized depends on many other aspects besides talent and creativity. But which are these exactly? How do you find recognition and discover the right way to get there? What should we think about and what exactly should we consider, to avoid large detours?

If you get stuck – use valuable support

Franziska Sevik supports artists & cultural businesses on the way to visibility & sales by giving everyone their own individual online marketing solutions. Find together the right sound and light for your online presentation.

Marketing coaching for artists turn the spotlight on you, your art and your art business. Here, you’ll find the right solutions.

Marketing Coaching for Artists The road to the digital stage

1:1 training for you, your art or your cultural establishment

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You are artist

You are a solo artist and would like to see yourself and your art growing and like to present yourself independently. Learn how to build a successful online business and how to achieve increasing sales over the long term with your art, regardless of external influences.

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You work in a cultural company

You work in an art & culture company, but are overwhelmed with the many daily growing digital requirements and tasks of your projects. With artist marketing coaching, you’ll take your culture business and art projects to the next level and learn how to achieve more goals and how to generate an ever-growing income.


Perfect marketing choreography & directing for more recognition, applause and success!

Strategy Coaching

Your individual Favori Online Art process in detail

  • Coaching on an explicit topic
  • Analysis of your current situation & your questions
  • Development of concrete solution proposals
  • Result- and solution-oriented training

Positioning Coaching

The right settings for your personal spotlight

  • Development of a vision & mission of you as an artist & your art
  • Concept creation to implement your values & those of your art
  • Development of offer & prices

Art of Sale Coaching

The right marketing & sales recipe for you, your art & your cultural establishment

  • Development of the red carpet marketing guide
  • Need and justification, acquisition
  • objection treatments
  • avid art lovers
  • additional sales

Audit Coachings

Targeted analysis for perfect marketing choreography and directions

Favori Online Stage Check

Do you have an online presence but don’t know exactly how it will be received by your audience?

Are you trying to show yourself and your art everywhere on the web with all your might, but there are still not enough interested parties, viewers or buyers?

Then find out NOW where exactly you stand with your art & what to do!

With the professional, fast and neutral expert check for your entire online presence, you get a complete overview of the things that work smoothly on your online stage, that should be optimized as soon as possible and those that urgently need to be changed in 60 minutes

Favori Online Stage Marketing Check

Are you already on the online stage with your art and would you like to attract even more interested partner and audiences? Would you like to change or expand your art business, but don’t really know where to start?

Do you need a neutral view from the outside and an external feedback on your current online marketing presence?

In the 90-minute online stage training session, we analyze your current situation, your marketing issues, develop very specific solutions and an adapted concept.

en Warum solltest du mit Franziska Sevik arbeiten?

en Von der Künstlerin zur Marketing-Expertin

  • en Darstellende Künstlerin, Choreografin, Produzentin, (über 20 Jahre, internationale Tätigkeiten in EU, Amerika, Asien)
  • en ausgeprägte Expertise im On- und Offline-Marketing als Künstler-Managerin für Solo-Künstler & Kulturbetriebe (über 10 Jahre in EU, Amerika, Asien)
  • high empathy regarding requirements & objectives of artists & cultural enterprises
  • en umfassender Online-Marketing Blick
  • No can do, no can do. – Hands-on mentality
  • en verantwortungsvoller Teamplayer
  • Competent international partner network Art & Culture
  • individual & customized marketing concepts
  • clear, modular project processes
  • en Messbarer Erfolg
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This is how we come together

1. Contact

Arrange a free consultation right away, preferably by clicking on the button right here below. Leave your contact information and give me a brief overview of you and your request in writing.

2. Consultation

en Im kostenlosen Beratungsgespräch finden wir gemeinsam heraus, ob und wie Franziska dich am besten unterstützen kann, um deine Ziele zu erreichen.

3. Cooperation

en Für welche Zusammenarbeit wir uns letztendlich auch entscheiden, erfahre eine individuelle Beratung, eine umfangreiche Konzeption & eine Unterstützung & Begleitung, solange du es wünschst.