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Online Marketing Training Session for Your Art & Culture Business

The Online Marketing Analysis

Are you an artist and do you run a cultural enterprise, do you think there is much more to be done than now, but you don’t know where to start?

Have you already been on the online stage with your art for a while, would like to gain even more interested parties & audience, but have no idea how?

Then let’s check your art now with the online stage marketing analysis for weak points & possible optimization measures of your marketing!

Together we open the light on your art business

The online stage marketing analysis is about you, your art and your art & culture business. All your challenges and strategies are examined. In this 1:1 coaching we catapult ourselves deep into your online choreography, looking at the current state and the desired presentation, in order to be able to integrate more feeling for each individual further step such as clarity, planning and security.

No matter what step combinations you encounter in your digital stage presentation, in the online stage marketing training session you will find concrete answers, solutions and new movement combinations to your questions in 90 minutes.

Your online marketing must represent you & your art business & actively help you sell!

For your art to have lasting appeal to your audience, your marketing should:

  • Represent you & your art optimally.
  • Support the development of your art expertise.
  • ‍Support your presentation with best sound, light & design settings.
  • Have a good conversion rate.
  • Generate interest.
  • Be solution-oriented and provide answers to questions.
  • Own a supporting strategy!
Online marketing analysis for artists

For whom is the 1:1 online marketing analysis worthwhile?

The online marketing analysis for artists

The online marketing training session is worthwhile for anyone who:

  • Actively working as artists.
  • Who run or would like to run a cultural business in the future.
  • Artists who are actively marketing or would like to do so.
  • In search of concrete optimization solutions are.
  • Who need input & ideas for the right direction to go from there on their own.

What is the benefit of online stage marketing analysis?

After your personal online stage training, you will;

  • Represent you & your art in the best possible way.
  • Support the development of your art expertise.
  • ‍Support your presentation with the best sound, light & design settings.
  • Have a good conversion rate.
  • Arouse interest.
  • Be solution-oriented and provide answers to questions.
  • Have a supporting strategy!
  • How you really impact your audience with your art & art business in your current online stage presence and on social media.
Online Marketing Analyse

How to go to the 1:1 online marketing analysis

Franziska Sevik - Business Mentorin & Marketing Expertin für Künstler & Artpreneure, Inhaberin der Medien-Agentur Favori Media
  • Book your individual 1:1 online stage marketing training.
  • After booking, you will receive a booking confirmation. With this, you get the possibility to arrange your desired date for your personal Online-Stage Marketing Session immediately.
  • Your online stage marketing will be analyzed by me.
  • Receive evaluations, concrete optimization suggestions & tips, as well as a possible marketing strategy for your art project in a personal 90-minute Zoom call.

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