Der Favori Online-Stage-Check - der Webseiten-Check

Favori Online Stage Check

Website check for artists

Favori Online Stage Check

If you reach the right people with your art & generate good sales in the process, you are successful!

Are you really reaching the right audience with your art?

Are you really visible?

Test it NOW!

Your online presence must represent you & your art 24/7 & actively help you sell!

The optimal website should:

  • Represent you & your art optimally.
  • Support the development of your art expertise.
  • ‍Support your presentation with best sound, light & design settings.
  • Have a good conversion rate.

Online Stage Check - the website check for artists

For whom is the Favori Online Stage Check worthwhile?

Favori Media - Online Stage Check

The Favori website check is worthwhile for everyone who:

  • Are or would like to be active as a solo artist
  • Who run a cultural business
  • Whose online presence has been“on-stage” for at least 6 months
  • That have at least one clear arts or culture offering (free or paid).
  • For all artists who want to know why their marketing measures are not working
  • For all artists who want feedback from an online expert to learn how their online presence can help you do more to showcase your art & generate sustainable sales.

The Favori Online Stage Check

Finally find out where exactly you stand with your art & what to do!

After your personal Favori Online Stage Check you will know exactly;

  • How you really impact your audience with your art & art business in your current online stage presence.
  • What are the current strengths, weaknesses and missing aspects of your online stage presence.
  • Whether your online stage presence complies with current legal requirements.
  • Whether your online stage presence is safe for you as an actor, but also for your audience.
  • Which technical, visual and content-related changes or optimizations you should make to your online stage presence in order to finally achieve even better goals.
  • How you can continue to grow your online stage presence in a targeted way.
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How the Favori Online Stage Check works

Franziska Sevik - Business Mentorin & Marketing Expertin für Künstler & Artpreneure
  • Book your Favori Online Stage Check (Website Check)
  • After booking, you will receive a booking confirmation. With this, you get the possibility to arrange your desired date for the personal coaching.
  • Your online presence will be analyzed by us as marketing experts.
  • In a personal 60-minute Zoom call, you will receive evaluations and concrete optimization suggestions & tips for your online presence.

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