33 good Reasons

This is how you benefit from a cooperation with Favori Media

33 good Reasons

Franziska Sevik, knows 33 good reasons why working with her & the Favori Media team will pay off. As an artist, producer, speaker, mentor and online marketing expert, she focuses on sustainable concepts to be able to support every art, artist and art project fittingly.

01. Enthusiasm

In our collaboration you benefit from unwavering 100% enthusiasm, passion and commitment. Ever since I can remember, I have loved and lived for art. As an artist, producer, speaker, mentor & marketing expert, I specialize in the field of arts and cultural industries. I burn for that.

02. Expertise

You can be sure that at Favori Media will find the solutions that really work for you. We have all meticulously studied and repeatedly applied all the topics. Our conversions are always updated & adapted to the current state. All artists working with us benefit from our goal-oriented, structured approach, our long international experience in project management and our attention to detail.

03. Individuality

During our work together, it’s all about your art, your online stage, your spotlight, your online choreography.

04. Fun & Joy

Forget stubborn working on to-do lists! Look forward to having fun and enjoying yourself on the way to your goals.

05. Competent, free consultation

The first conversation is free of charge for you. In this conversation, we can assess whether a work together is suitable for you & us. In our conversation, you will learn all the possibilities for the realization of your goals.

06. Absolute Confidentiality

You can trust in absolute confidentiality. All artists, clients & cooperation partners working with us appreciate the protected space in which they can entrust us with their concerns and problems.

07. Adapted Implementation

No matter if you are looking for mentoring, coaching or individual marketing services. With us you will always receive a tailor-made concept for your path.

08. Quality

You can be sure that all applied methods & concepts are always up-to-date due to permanent further education, trainings and supervisions and have the highest quality standards. Benefit from wide-ranging knowledge & distinctive experience.

09. Concepts with success guarantee

Whether positioning, presentation, customer acquisition and sales or an artist mentoring, with our concepts you will experience sustainable benefits for you and your art. Profit through sustainable visibility, image gain and sales growth.

10. Flexibility

Your art and culture business are constantly evolving. However, life is not always straightforward, the unexpected can quickly happen. You can count on us to be flexible and open-minded at all times and to adapt immediately to the situation at hand.

11. Exclusive Ideas & Recommendations

As we look at your art business from outside, we see and think about the things you don’t directly notice. With our exclusive ideas & recommendations, you’ll always be one step ahead of your competition.

12. 100% Transparency

Transparent communications are more than important to us. Starting by the first meeting & offer, over the entire project, up to the final success control.

13. Clear Communication

There is no gibberish at Favori Media. We are honest, speak clearly and call a spade a spade so that everyone can understand clearly. Even if sometimes not everything works as well as hoped. This is the only way we may reach the goal together.

14. Innovation

Standing still is not in our DNA. The Favori Media team is always informed and constantly looking for new trends, solutions and innovations.

15. Professionalism

Every artist has individual goals and ideas of success for himself and his art. We face your individuality and your ideas.

16. Reliability

We keep our word! Whatever the price is, we have to pay for. All agreements are always respected.

17. Convicti

Favori Media is a dedicated team, with successful concepts. Our goal is ALWAYS to offer the best solution to each artist, their art and their cultural business! The success of each individual is the very first priority in all our considerations, consultations and solutions.

18. Accurate Implementation

Get detailed and accurate conversions. All our conceptions are precisely worked out. Our applications and tools enable thorough implementation and precisely accurate evaluation.

19. Concentration & Focus

In a world of opportunity, many lose focus. We do not allow ourselves to be distracted, but always keep our eyes on the target.

20. Openness

You can be sure that absolute discretion will be maintained if you are looking for a conversation partner within the framework of our cooperation with whom you would like to exchange thoughts, concerns or opinions.

21. Personal Contact

You can be sure that there is always your personal contact person who will make sure that you get all the answers to your questions promptly.

22. Open for Suggestions

Only open and honest communication gives the opportunity to exploit the full potential.

23. Time & Cost Savings

At Favori Media, you’ll learn what it means to save time & money! Save yourself of unnecessary trial and error! A full service for us means that you can be free of all time-consuming trial and error, research, conception tasks, organization and implementation, as far as you wish. Decide on a goal, and the Favori Media team will support you and your cultural business to success.

24. Understanding

You will benefit from our empathy, because with our strong understanding of art and commercial flair, we are committed to support your paths while enabling you to grow profitably.

25. Worldwide Support

No matter where you are with your art, we are happy to support you wherever you are.

26. Favori Media is Different

You’re not working with an ordinary marketing agency! Favori Media lives and works for art. Tell us your goals, together we will make them come true!

27. Solution Oriented

Do you think you have extraordinary objectives or unworkable requirements? Great, then you’ve come to the right place at Favori Media! There’s no “we can’t do!” with us.

28. Culture of Values

You meet passion, competence, responsibility, conviction, ethics, friendliness and personality.

29. Your Success is our Success

With Favori Media you can significantly improve your results as an artist and will get immensely closer to your goals. Your success is our success!

30. Uncomplicated Accessibility

For our artists, customers & cooperation partners we are always available via all common channels via phone, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, LinkedIn or Xing.

31. Expert Networks

You benefit from a lot of knowledge outside the box, as we have access to distinctive networks of experts outside our core competencies as well. You can rely on our recommendations, even when it comes to other topics than web & online marketing.

32. Long-standing Friendships

Favori Media’s first customers are still our customers today. A long-term, trustworthy, friendly & cooperative partnership is very important to us.

33. Fast & Uncomplicated Contact

Save yourself by securing an free consultation for you & your art’s marketing right now.

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